Sambazon 3-Day Purifying Cleanse Review

I was surprised to find this 3 day juice cleanse at Costco. Its only $15. The way it works is you drink 10 ounces of each drink a day. One in the morning, one around lunch time, and one around dinner time. The cleanse comes with a meal plan as well. I chose to make my own meals, eliminate meat, dairy, of course processed foods, and only eat fruits and vegetables. Overall, the juices were very delicious, let me explain:


This juice has a nice kick to it. I absolutely love lemon with cayenne pepper. I could feel my pores open up and start to sweat. I have never heard of acerola cherry nor did I taste anything cherry-like. The juice just looks like lemon with cayenne specks in it.

This is a perfect juice for the morning. The lemon and cayenne kick starts the liver to start the detoxifying process.



This afternoon juice was green. Don’t let the color fool you though. It tastes like apple juice with a little “green-ness” added to it. It was definitely palatable. I liked every sip.
The cucumber is a nice base for any vegetable juice due to its water content. The kale is the “king” superfood and provides nutrients and enzymes for detoxifying the body. The apple gives it a nice sweet taste.



This juice was so amazing. It was like melted chocolate ice cream, a nice chocolate smoothie. It was so tasty. Thank goodness they do not sell it by itself, otherwise I would buy a ton. This juice was the perfect dessert to have after dinner.

There were 2 things that really bothered me. The juice contained soymilk – I try to stay away from soy, and it contained carrageenan, which is added to products to thicken them up. I think this juice could have been made better and more natural without the 2 ingredients.


I actually did 2 rounds back-to-back for a total of 6 days, just because I liked the juices so much. I recommend giving this Sambazon cleanse a try if you are looking for something to get you motivated and start on the path to eating healthy. However, I will say that I would never replace my homemade juices from my juicer with these boxed juices.

Taste: 5 stars
Nutritional Value: 3 stars
Convenience: 5 stars

Would I buy this again? Yes. Buying these juices, in a way, motivates you to commit to 3 days of eating, and drinking, healthy. I would not buy these juices if I am looking to seriously detox my body, just because I prefer fresh juices.

If you are interested, you can find these juices at Costco, or check them out on the Sambazon website.

FYI: I am not affiliated with Sambazon in any way. This review is my own personal opinion.


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